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Janet O'Neal


Janet O’Neal has become renowned throughout the country for her dynamic one of a kind works.

Invited to participate in the top ten juried art festivals, she has become one of the most sought after artists as her work has come to be appreciated by a growing group of collectors with wide-ranging tastes in art.

As a twenty-eight year veteran of the art scene, O’Neal’s work has received critical acclaim in festivals and exhibitions throughout the country. She is represented by prestigious art galleries and top publishing companies, including the publisher ,Editions Limited, one of the top four publishers in the country.

Her works include paintings, mixed media assemblages, photography and sculpture; however she is most famous for her energetic abstract works and multimedia assemblages. Years of painting experience and experiments with texture and collage processes merged with the found objects and became a new exciting form of art that carried with it a new voice for the artist. The work moved from the abstract to this form of art that was more of a commentary on life itself and the spiritual side of it. In the last several years has moved back into the Abstract with large multi- dimensional, vividly colored abstracts with deep texture and cast resin additions.

The most current work revolves around photography, traditional digital photographs and mixed media works where photography is the dominant media. She has traveled to Israel, Jamaica and India the past several years photographing people and places for her new art. She has just won 2nd place and two honorable mentions in the prestigious Georgia O’Keefe Museum’s International Photography Competition.

Janet’s continuing desire to experiment fuels an excitement about her future. Experimentation has been the reason her work continues to evolve, keeping an ever growing following of clients and corporations collecting her art.

My work as an artist is intrinsically connected with my life and personal growth”