Jared Kinley


Jared Kinley Biography

"I am fascinated by the works created by photographers of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Born in the 90s myself I find myself gravitating to themes relevant back in the time of Avedon, Newton, Lindbergh, Ritts, and Penn. My work resembles the fashion statements and cultural breakouts of these decades, from hair bands to women empowerment, stilettos to scandals, playboy to cigarettes. I like to describe the majority of my work as a documentation of these time periods. My work such as “Designer Bags” was influenced by the top designers of the time and the work “Casting Call” was influenced by cinema from the era, specifically “Reservoir Dogs” by Tarantino. My work has been described as rebellious, erotic, and timeless. My name is Jared Kinley and I am a contemporary visual artist based in Oklahoma City."