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Amy Keever Biography

Artist Biography - 

From a very young age I always knew I wanted to be an artist, yet as a major people pleaser,I let others talk me out of becoming one, at least for awhile . When I found my voice in art as a profession, I felt like I had taken my first breath! It is always my hope to inspire the young and old to embrace their purpose in life, and shoot for the stars! I believe we are all given a super natural path to soar in.

I have been working in fine art stained glass mosaics and mixed media for over 21 years and feel like I have established a unique niche within the art world, having the pleasure of creating for several celebrities and featured most recently at the elite “Gaylord Texan Resort”, for four years in a row, as one of their ten artists chosen around the United States, where pieces are viewed by over 300,000 each year .

As a native Texan, who’s family mostly resides in NW Arkansas, I am proud to call Rogers, AR home, with my precious husband Craig, who is a wonderful pediatrician by day and incredible musician by night.

I am the mother of two fabulous grown kids , Kara and Haid, and a “Lolli” to my adorable grand boy Bentley, and beautiful grand girl Suede.

I have been building on my vision for “Amy Keever Gallery “ for most of my life. My hope is when you step foot into this space, that you will feel lighter, more love, and inspired through both the stage that has been set for you, and the art that was created straight from the heart to transcend your world! I can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to my heaven on earth, my version of a Parisian Art Salon full of elegance and glamour . Please be my guest and visit me at Amy Keever Gallery, just one block south of the square in gorgeous downtown Bentonville Arkansas!


Artistic Process - 

Cutting - What you might not know is when I start on a piece, I’m always searching in the large panes of glass for those “nuggets “, those beautiful swirls or pops of color, something that speaks to me . The sheets of glass have been as big as 3 ft long, and little by little O score and cut down the glass to my liking , which almost is like painting with glass. Like on my large steer, who is over 15,000 pieces of hand cut glass, it can easily take 5-10 cuts on each piece to get it to fit as tight as I’d like . That means in a piece that has over 15,000 pieces, it probably took almost 150,000 cuts to finish the piece!

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