Rea Baldridge


Rea Baldridge Biography

Rea Baldridge is a native Oklahoman and has worked for many years in several disciplines and a variety of media. Her unconventional views on the intersection of art and culture have found expression for forty years in conceptual works related to commerce, society and politics. She has made faux "movie" fires burn down real buildings housing metaphors (art museums). The Beaux Arts Ball became Bozeaux, then morphed into a social media movement, the "BLO." In the worlds she creates, Corporations "almost mean business." Buy-Products are not for sale, virtual crimes go virtually unpunished, and the Socialite Party moves us towards a "more polite society." In concrete form, these works resemble "artifacts" left in the wake of an idea.

Over the past few years, Rea has turned to painting. Her style of painting, where the act of painting becomes the painting and the artifact, “art-in-fact.” Her work explores the gaps between representation and abstraction, attention and inattention, studied carelessness and insane frivolity. As always, Rea's focus lies in the space between the canvas and the brain, where there is plenty of room to play.