All My Sisters


PRESS RELEASE: All My Sisters, Aug  2 - Aug 31, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY – In August, JRB Art at the Elms continues its summer program of focusing on the history and evolving role of women, featuring new paintings by Janice Mathews-Gordon. The exhibition, ”All My Sisters” features paintings that are expressions of women, of lives, of hope.  Gallery owner and curator, Joy Reed Belt comments, “In Janice Mathews Gordon’s show, "All My Sisters," women are presented to us that are fully formed, opinionated and activated.”

In talking about her own art, Mathews-Gordon states: “My new series of abstract paintings are bold expressions of women. A personal tribute to my four sisters and the feminist mother who raised us. The exhibition also celebrates the lives and hopes of all women and girls of various ages, shapes, sizes, and attitudes. Some suggest the long road of the women’s movement, while others reflect the optimism I feel about the vibrant young women leading the charge now. Throughout all runs a current of strength and perseverance, binding us together, pushing us ever forward.”

Also showing in August will be the whimsical and colorful mixed media paintings created by Oklahoma City artist, Kathy Rodgers Wilson. Wilson’s paintings are colorful composites of joy, reflection and happiness.